A Brief History Of # 1952

Part of my longtime project A Brief History Of which wants to explore the 20th century culture. As an open curatorial project it grows rhizomatically in various directions. Since late 2009 I am assembling a list of influential works by composers, musicians, writers, philosophers, artists, filmmakers, choreographers and photographers. Next to popular stuff with high artistic impact you´ll find more unknown pieces of avantgarde origin, high next to so called low culture. Gradually the works should be described, interviews should be held and correlations should be researched. Although this project actually must be a work in progress it shall merge into a book and a film.

This is (so far)…


PAUL CELAN, Mohn und Gedächtnis

SAMUEL BECKETT, En attendant Godot

PIERRE KLOSSOWSKI, Roberte, ce soir

ERNEST HEMINGWAY, The Old Man and the Sea

PIERRE SCHAEFFER, À la Recherche d´une musique concrète

PIERRE BOULEZ, Études (Tape)

ERICH WOLFGANG KORNGOLD, The Symphony in F Sharp major, Op. 40 (1947-52, performed 1954)

JOHN CAGE, 4’33“ („silent“ piece, environmental)

JOHN CAGE, Imaginary Landscape No. 5 (January, 1952; first electronic tape music in America)

JOHN CAGE, Williams Mix (electronic tape collage)

JOHN CAGE, Water Music (Performance Piece)

STEFAN WOLPE, Waltz for Merle

LOUIS & BEBE BARRON, The Bells of Atlantis (Soundtrack only with electronic instruments)

EARLE BROWN, December 1952 (Selected Works 1952-1965, rel.2006; use of a ‚radical‘ (entirely graphic) score)

ROSCOE GORDON, No More Doggin (Invention of Ska-Beat)

THELONIOUS MONK, Genius of Modern Music (rec. 1947-52)

MILT JACKSON, Wizard of the Vibes (1948-52)

LESTER YOUNG, Lester Young with the Oscar Petersen Trio

BILLIE HOLIDAY, Billie Holiday sings

HARRY SMITH (COMP.), Anthology of American Folk Music (orig. issued from 1927-32)

JOHN CAGE, Theater Piece No.1 (at Black Mountain College, Cage, Mary Caroline Richards, Charles Olson reading poetry, Cunningham dancing, Tudor playing prepared piano, Rauschenberg with his White Paintings switching on/off record player with Edith Piaf recordings; precursor to the Happenings)

LUCIO FONTANA, Manifesto di Movimento Spaziale en Televisione (1st artistic use of TV)

HENRI CARTIER-BRESSON, Images à la sauvette (The decisive moment)

IAN HUGO, Bells of Atlantis (based on a poem by Anais Nin, music by Louis and Bebe Barron)





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