© The LeWitt Collection, Chester, Conneticut, USA
Hundred years of documents the longtime project A Brief History Of which wants to explore the 20th century culture. As an open curatorial project it grows rhizomatically in various directions.
The transdisciplinary view on history implies some weighty theoretical problems. Due its diversity and inherent logic the history of a specific cultural field isn´t frictionless comparable with other histories. To get in touch with, or better, to get in between different histories, the one object of exploration gets out of focus, while the other one is fairly shaped. I have chosen a interdisciplinary view on cultural history which must necessarily have a certain kind of blurriness. A Brief History Of practices a deep reading of those blurriness effects, which emerge as a result of the juxtaposition of diverse (hi-) stories.

Since 2009 I`m assembling a list of works by composers, musicians, writers, philosophers, artists, filmmakers, choreographers, and photographers. Next to popular stuff with high artistic impact you´ll find more unknown pieces of avantgarde origin. Gradually the works should be described, interviews should be held and intermediate fields should be researched. Although this project actually must be a work in progress it shall merge into a book and a film.
© Coleccion MACBA. Consorcio Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona


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